Food, medicine, medical equipment in the epidemic...

Time: 2022-09-07 18:17:54

Resumption of work and production

What measures are in place to address the actual problems encountered in the epidemic?

——Aiming at the reality of reducing the flow of people during the epidemic prevention and control period, the "no meeting" management is introduced.

For enterprise registration, food production license, and qualification accreditation of inspection and testing institutions, online processing and "no face-to-face" processing have been implemented.

——Aiming at the issues of administrative licensing and compulsory certification related to the resumption of work and production of enterprises, a method of notification and commitment has been introduced.

If the enterprise has the production conditions and promises to complete these materials within a certain period of time, it will apply for a production license on the spot. For food production enterprises, on the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of food, for a small number of enterprises, especially low-risk food production enterprises, the inspection will be carried out after issuing certificates. There are also enterprises that have a production license, but when the deadline for extension has come, they have also announced that they can postpone the extension procedures.

——In response to the resumption of work and production of a large number of foreign trade and export enterprises, the introduction of accelerated conversion between international standards and domestic standards.

A considerable part of my country's manufacturing capacity is exported to the international market, and the products comply with international and foreign standards, and cannot be sold in the domestic market according to existing regulations. Under such circumstances, the connection between international standards and domestic standards should be strengthened, the potential of this part of production capacity should be tapped, and foreign trade enterprises should be supported to resume work and production.

——Introduce prudent and abnormal directory management for corporate credit repair issues.

Now that a number of enterprises across the country are included in the abnormal list, they will be subject to certain restrictions, including access to government procurement, including bidding, which also affects financing. As long as what should be supplemented and what should be corrected is corrected, credit restoration will be carried out, so that normal production can proceed.

medical device

What measures should a green channel for administrative licensing be established for the drugs and equipment needed for the epidemic?

—— Immediately formulate relevant policies and formulate work plans for emergency approval of drugs and medical devices.

Established relevant review and approval working mechanisms, and set up a special expert group for emergency approval of drugs and medical devices.

——Speed up review and approval, and promote products to be launched as soon as possible for epidemic prevention needs.

For drug registration applications required for epidemic prevention and control, review and approval will be accelerated on the basis of ensuring product safety and effectiveness. Special measures are implemented for the registration, production license and inspection and testing of medical devices such as medical masks and medical protective clothing, and the approval process is merged. For enterprises that switch to production of medical devices, emergency approval shall be implemented, and medical device registration certificates and production licenses shall be processed in accordance with the law.

—— Serve enterprises in a timely manner and expand production capacity.

The drug regulatory department has strengthened guidance to enterprises, established a special working group, and provided "one-to-one" services to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices for epidemic prevention and control, providing full consultation, technical support and policy guidance. For production enterprises that switch to the production of emergency supplies such as masks and protective clothing, the production qualification approval process shall be simplified, the product registration certificate and production license inspection process shall be merged, and the expedited inspection and testing process shall be initiated. At the same time, it also recognizes part of the self-inspection reports of enterprises, and immediately handles product registration and issues production licenses after on-site confirmation of enterprises that meet the licensing conditions.

*As of February 24, the daily output of medical protective clothing has reached 330,000 sets, the daily output of medical protective masks has reached 844,000, the production capacity of nucleic acid detection reagents can reach 1.7 million copies per day, and the production capacity of antibody detection reagents per day It can reach 350,000 people per day.

——Reduce and exempt registration fees to reduce the burden on enterprises.

Medical device registration fees are exempted for prevention and control products related to COVID-19 that have entered the medical device emergency approval process. For drugs that have entered the special drug approval process and are related to the treatment and prevention of new coronary pneumonia, drug registration fees are also exempted.

food safety

What measures are in place to support the resumption of work and production of food production and operation enterprises?

- The license may be extended.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, if the food production and operation license expires, local market supervision departments may allow the validity period to be extended until the local epidemic situation is resolved.

- Licensing may inform promises.

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, local market supervision departments can combine food safety risk classification management to explore the implementation of commitment system licensing. For new enterprises applying for food production licenses and enterprises applying for changes in food production licenses, on-site inspections are required. The market supervision and management department can carry out notification commitments for low-risk food pilot projects, and implement "certification first and inspection later" for eligible products, that is, first issue a license to allow production, and then conduct on-site inspection within 30 working days.

- Permits can be processed online.

Local market supervision departments use "Internet +" supervision to promote the online processing of the entire process of online application acceptance, review, certification, query, and publicity of food production and operation licenses. At the same time, it is also promoting the issuance of electronic certificates for food production and operation licenses.

- Licensing can expedite approval.

Since the prevention and control of the epidemic, market supervision departments in various places have accelerated the approval of applications for food production and operation licenses.

——In the next step, the State Administration for Market Regulation will guide and support leading food companies to further expand the effect of "guaranteeing prices, quality, and supply", especially by giving full play to the prominent role of online e-commerce platforms, and exploring the development of "contactless transactions" and Commercial promotion of distribution mode. In view of the actual situation that dining out and food purchases have decreased during the epidemic, offline food companies are encouraged to develop online operations to make up for the shortcomings of reduced offline operations. Encourage e-commerce platforms to implement more substantial reduction and exemption measures.

intellectual property

What are the convenience measures for intellectual property pledge financing?

——A green channel for pledge registration has been established.

According to the needs of relevant enterprises and banks, it has realized urgent collection and processing, and fast processing, and strives to complete electronic registration within one working day. For enterprises related to epidemic prevention and emergency supplies, take immediate and immediate measures, and must not let the registration process affect the loan issuance of material production enterprises.

——Organize localities to carry out pledge demand and inventory project planning.

Carried out a comprehensive investigation of the demand for patent and trademark pledges of enterprises related to epidemic prevention and control and the repayment capabilities of stock pledge project enterprises, so as to achieve door-to-door policy and service, make good use of relevant policy tools, and actively coordinate banks to grant loans or renew the loan.

——Intensify policy integration and work innovation.

Encourage qualified localities to integrate various support policies such as loan discounts, risk compensation, insurance and subsidies, innovate Internet, new media and other project docking and policy promotion, effectively play the role of intellectual property rights in increasing credit and increasing loans, and support enterprises in resuming work and production .